Barrie Ingham at The Royal Shakespeare Company

Lead roles include:
A Winter’s Tale (Leontes) directed by Trevor Nunn
Julius Caesar (Brutus) directed by John Barton
Twelfth Night (Sir Andrew Aguecheek) directed by John Barton
Measure for Measure (The Duke) directed by Keith Hack
Indians (Buffalo Bill) directed by Terry Hands
The Relapse (Lord Foppington) directed by Trevor Nunn
London Assurance (Dazzle) directed by Ronald Eyre
Criminals (Lalo) directed by Terry Hands
Pleasure and Repentance (Anthology) directed by Terry Hands
The Actor (Solo Show) directed by Terry Hands
The Man Who Came To Dinner (Beverly Carlton) directed by Gene Saks

Barrie Ingham as Buffalo Bill in Indians
"His baffled, exhibitionist Buffalo Bill is a beautifully judged performance"
Milton Shulman in The Evening Standard