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Funky Fables

Barrie provided voices for the characters in Funky Fables, “an animation featuring audience participation. Well known folk stories and fairy tales are given a modern twist, with viewers able to become characters featured in...

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Making The Great Mouse Detective

Barrie provided the voice for the Basil of Baker Street in Disney’s “The Great Mouse Detective”. The movie was released in 1986 and here is a short film about how it was made. Features...

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Barrie in The Palm Beach Post

Barrie was recently featured in the Palm Beach Post where he talks about his career in detail. Star Trek and Shakespeare, Basil the Great Mouse Detective and Dame Judi Dench. Barrie speaks at length...

Keep Calm and Sing On 0

Keep Calm and Sing On

Get your tickets for Barrie’s One Man Show “Keep Calm and Sing On”. The show is inspired by the Blitz on London in World War II. Londoners were subjected to a terrible onslaught but...

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A compilation of moments from Barrie’s lengthy career.