London West End

Star roles include:

Leading man to..
Angela Lansbury in Gypsy directed by Arthur Laurents
Maggie Smith in Snap directed by William Gaskill
Margaret Lockwood in Double Edge directed by Anthony Sharp
Rachael Roberts in Happy Haven directed by William Gaskill
Sarah Brightman in Aspects of Love) directed by Trevor Nunn
Maureen Lipman in Glorious directed by Alan Strachan

Anything Goes (Elisha Whitney) directed by Trevor Nunn
On the Level (Clancy) directed by Wendy Toye
Pickwick (Jingle) directed by Peter Coe
Virtue in Danger (Young Fashion) directed by Wendy Toye
The Bacchae (Dionysus) directed by Bernard Miles
The Possessed (Setavrogin) directed by Julius Gellner
Joie de Vivre (Alan) directed by William Chapell
Love Love Love ( Solo show)
England Our England (Revue) directed by John Dexter and Gillian Lynne<
The Buxom Muse (Anthology) directed by Bernard Miles

Barrie Ingham as Sir George Dillingham in Aspects of Love

As Sir George Dillingham in Aspects of Love "He handles with grace and charm the awkward overtones and all the pitfalls suggested in David Garnett’s novel" – Ruth Lyons on LBC